Sluice Project Space Residency - updates

To mark the end of their two month residency at Sluice Project Space, artist collective without appeal will be holding an open studio on Saturday, April 28th. Featuring new works in the progress, the evening will be an opportunity to come and see emerging projects and lines of enquiry ahead of the publication of their new book Enthusiasm is blasting out of all my holes, available in early May. 

Over the course of the evening, members of the collective will be joined by London based band Far Rainbow and Verz imprint head Phil Maguire to perform a live audio installation piece. The current without appeal catalogue will also be on display alongside a selection of audio releases and zines by their collaborators.  



without appeal

Phil Maguire

Phil Maguire is an experimental musician/improviser/sound artist making reductive music that explores emptiness and malfunction. Simplicity is at the core of his work. He uses cheap electronics, open source software, synthesis, and obsolete audio equipment to create sparse sonic environments for personal reflection. These are often very quiet; very loud; loud made quiet; quiet made loud.
Maguire improvises with cheap electronics, using the same emptiness to create charged interactions with other musicians and audiences. He has performed solo, and in groups, with musicians including Phil Durrant, Eleanor Cully, and James L. Malone.
He also runs Verz, a label and series presenting quiet music and sound art.

Far Rainbow

… is the improvising duo of Bobby Barry and Emily Mary Barnett. Together they build vast neo-psychedelic slabs of gradually developing sound using drums, electronics, plastic bags, bubblewrap, sellotape, pencil sharpeners, toothbrushes, and a small portable vacuum cleaner. Recent releases include CDs released by Linear Obsessional Recordings and the Slightly Off Kilter Label, as well as a collaboration with improvising horn players Cath Roberts, Tullis Rennie, and Colin Webster on Zero Wave.


without appeal's been busy in the studio, some new sounds and collaborations coming soon.