WA003 - The Articulated Cage 

'WA003 - The Articulated Cage' is an A6 fold out zine/poster, handed out free between September 13-17, 2017 during the closing months of the 56th International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale. The project served as a publishing intervention, wherein the collective established itself as a kind of nomadic pavilion moving amongst the other established participants of the Biennale. Central to this was a series of t-shirts co-designed by without appeal and London based fashion label Judas Companion that functioned as a uniform, establishing a particular methodology to our work in Venice.

The responses were varied, but key questions continually arose that centred on how an institution can function without a fixed physical presence, something which is particularly fitting given not only the infamous structure of the Biennale’s national representations but the fact that the pavilions themselves are geographically tied to territories of origin.

Some of the most exciting and engaged responses to the project came from individuals and artists who themselves operate largely outside of established localities. Their implicit understanding that a hybrid and flexible practice was essential in navigating the difficulties and scarcities many currently face vindicated to some extent some of the notions which sit at the heart of without appeal’s operating strategies.