OPEN STUDIO x Sluice Project Space

To mark the end of their two month residency, artist collective without appeal hosted a one night only open studio event with a live sound performance. Over the course of the evening, members of the collective were joined by London based band Far Rainbow and Verz imprint head Phil Maguire for the audio installation piece.


A timetable was set in place so all their comings and goings would be regulated / recorded.
A system that would leave less room for error, less room for not remembering. A resistance to the loss of information is inherently human - as is the desire to turn events from our lives into stories to be shared. Now the story becomes a simultaneous overlapping of split frames multiplying every detail.
Blown into pixels and shared a million times over,an ongoing reel of fleeting moments dispersed into existence.
Multiplied views and voices allow artists to create new personal narratives and seek alternative interpretations.
Least we keep forgetting.