'without appeal' launch events - Berlin & London

without appeal launched its first two projects across two events in February and March, 2017. 

The first took place on February 25th at Echo Buecher in Berlin, organised and hosted by Occulto. It featured live performances by The Old Dream of Symmetry, Sferics and Asfast, as well as a DJ set from Italian underground legend Nana Bianca.

The second was held on March 14th, as part of Sonic Imperfections’ long running monthly concert series. Held at the Montague Arms in Peckham, South London, the evening played host to live sets from The Old Dream of Symmetry, fearless improviser Mark Browne and the duo of James Malone & Joe Wright (who also perform and release music under the moniker Onin). 

We would like to thank Alice Cannava from Occulto, and Nigel Bryant and Ian Faragher from Sonic Imperfections for making these two events possible.

Also, if you're in Berlin, you can find copies of WA001 - Sferics/The Old Dream of Symmetry split at Echo Buecher in Wedding and Staalplaat in Neukölln.