Tour, November 2018

In June 2018, without appeal released WA005 ‘Enthusiasm is blasting out of all of my holes,’ a paperback of texts, photography and photomontage work accumulated from multiple personal archives over the last several years.

To celebrate the publication, members of the collective embarked on a short, three-date tour this November, performing new sound work extrapolated from texts within the book alongside field recordings from the same archive of source material. Traversing Berlin, Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, the tour culminated with ‘Remote Cardiac Arrest*, a small exhibition at MATCA Artspace that included the first ‘listening room’ installation in a new series.

The collective would like to express it’s sincere gratitude to Kitchen Leg Records and West Germany in Berlin, ODD and Control Club in Bucharest and MATCA Artspace in Cluj-Napoca for their invitations and support. They would also like to thank all of the artists who performed at the shows.

Berlin - Nov 3rd, 2018

DuChamp, without appeal and Moon Wheel at West Germany.

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Bucharest - Nov 7th, 2018

ODD Night #25 - Bala, without appeal and Pharmakon at Control Club, organised by ODD.

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Cluj - Napoca - Nov 9, 2018

without appeal: Remote Cardiac Arrest* at MATCA Artspace

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OPEN STUDIO x Sluice Project Space

To mark the end of their two month residency, artist collective without appeal hosted a one night only open studio event with a live sound performance. Over the course of the evening, members of the collective were joined by London based band Far Rainbow and Verz imprint head Phil Maguire for the audio installation piece.


A timetable was set in place so all their comings and goings would be regulated / recorded.
A system that would leave less room for error, less room for not remembering. A resistance to the loss of information is inherently human - as is the desire to turn events from our lives into stories to be shared. Now the story becomes a simultaneous overlapping of split frames multiplying every detail.
Blown into pixels and shared a million times over,an ongoing reel of fleeting moments dispersed into existence.
Multiplied views and voices allow artists to create new personal narratives and seek alternative interpretations.
Least we keep forgetting.


…all at once the young soul is devastated, torn loose, torn out — it itself does not know what is happening. An urge, a pressure governs it, mastering the soul like a command: the will and wish awaken to go away, anywhere, at any cost: a violent, dangerous curiosity for an undiscovered world flames up and flickers in all the senses. “Better to die than live here,” so sounds the imperious and seductive voice. And this “here,” this” at home” is everything which it had loved until then! A sudden horror and suspicion of that which it loved; a lightning flash of contempt toward that which was its “obligation”; a rebellious, despotic, volcanically jolting desire to roam abroad, to become alienated…
— Friedrich Nietzsche, 'Human, All Too Human,' Preface, Aphorism #3

Armour is the result of a collaboration that has had a very long gestation period. The vocal performance is from a loose translation of Ezra Pound’s poem ‘Commission,’ which negotiates our relationship to family, place and history. It addresses the emotional and mental baggage that comes with geographic distance and the increasingly transient spheres in which we find ourselves operating. For Pound, ‘Commission’ functions as the title suggests, both as instruction and permission to the reader to follow the impulses which may seem counter intuitive or find resistance in the opinions of others.

The other side of this is the need to protect oneself from the inevitable difficulties which arise from being perpetually in motion; the necessity of honing some sort of defensive posture while still remaining open to the possibilities you encounter. 

'without appeal' launch events - Berlin & London

without appeal launched its first two projects across two events in February and March, 2017. 

The first took place on February 25th at Echo Buecher in Berlin, organised and hosted by Occulto. It featured live performances by The Old Dream of Symmetry, Sferics and Asfast, as well as a DJ set from Italian underground legend Nana Bianca.

The second was held on March 14th, as part of Sonic Imperfections’ long running monthly concert series. Held at the Montague Arms in Peckham, South London, the evening played host to live sets from The Old Dream of Symmetry, fearless improviser Mark Browne and the duo of James Malone & Joe Wright (who also perform and release music under the moniker Onin). 

We would like to thank Alice Cannava from Occulto, and Nigel Bryant and Ian Faragher from Sonic Imperfections for making these two events possible.

Also, if you're in Berlin, you can find copies of WA001 - Sferics/The Old Dream of Symmetry split at Echo Buecher in Wedding and Staalplaat in Neukölln.