Sferics / The Old Dream of Symmetry Split 7” Acetate


The first project realised under the banner of without appeal is a 7" acetate record cut by Peter King in Ashburton, New Zealand in late 2016. Featuring new music from Sferics and The Old Dream of Symmetry, the record is being released in a super limited run of 20, as well as digitally. 

To order please email us at contact.withoutappeal@gmail.com with the subject line 'order,' to discuss pricing conversions and postage. 

Sferics is Felix-Florian Tödtloff.

The Old Dream of Symmetry is Will Gresson.

Mastered by Jaike Stambach.

Artwork by Lia Boscu & Will Gresson.

© 2016 without appeal


Tracing Commons


On November 26th, 2016, without appeal undertook a collaborative intervention within an old apartment building in Earl’s Court, London. At that time, the premises was under the management of Art Guard, an organisation of property guardians with a specific focus on providing live/work spaces for artists and other cultural practitioners.

The intervention consisted of three distinct parts:

The first was the installation of a mixed media work within one of the apartments, creating a setting which would frame the subsequent acts.

The second element was a performance which took place on the balcony of the same apartment, wherein two performers entered into a dialogue using text and movement.

The concluding part of the intervention involved screening two short film works consecutively through a window in an adjacent apartment space, visible out on the street below.

The intervention was extensively documented and will be presented via a catalogue published by without appeal early in 2017.

Feature 2


Feature 3

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