open studio x Sluice Project Space

To mark the end of their two month residency, artist collective without appeal hosted a one night only open studio event with a live sound performance. Over the course of the evening, members of the collective were joined by London based band Far Rainbow and Verz imprint head Phil Maguire for the audio installation piece.


A timetable was set in place so all their comings and goings would be regulated

A system that would leave less room for error, less room for not remembering. A resistance to the loss of information is inherently human - as is the desire to turn events from our lives into stories to be shared. Now the story becomes a simultaneous overlapping of split frames multiplying every detail.

Blown into pixels and shared a million times over,
an ongoing reel of fleeting moments dispersed into existence.


Multiplied views and voices allow artists to create new personal narratives and seek alternative interpretations.

Least we keep forgetting.

Live performance

Works & catalogue

Zines of the World 2017

Initiated by Doomed Gallery and The Photocopy Club in 2015, the first itieration of Zines of the World was held at Doomed Gallery in Dalston's Ridley Road and featured over 300 zines from around the world, compiled via open submissions. All the zines were displayed in a hanging system and labeled by the country of origin.

In 2017 Zines of the World took place as part of Photoblock and held at the Truman Brewery between Oct 12 - 13. The exhibition included both WA004 - No. 2 & No. 5 and a solo contribution from one of the collective's members. 

Sluice Biennial 2017/Not Available in Good Book Shops

Held between September 30 - October 3, Sluice Biennial 2017 was the fourth time the event has been held in London and the largest iteration thus far. For the first time, Susak Press and Tryptic Books were invited to organise 'Not Available in Good Books Shops,' a fair of alternative publishing that brought together several small independent publishers including without appeal. A book of the same name was put together over the course of the biennial featuring contributions from participants and visitors to the event, and published in late 2017 by Susak Press. 

Our stall featured the full catalogue from the collective to date, alongside new solo work from both of the co-founders and all the other affiliated members. To further mark the event the collective also released WA004 - No. 2 & No 5., an A5 zine featuring work previously exhibited as part of 'ppm#2 copy art show,' organised by Aici Acolo Pop Up Gallery in Cluj-Napoca on March 30, 2017. 

ppm#2 | copy-art show - Aici Acolo Pop Up Gallery, Cluj-Napoca

Aici Acolo Pop Up Gallery is a project aimed at supporting young and emerging artists by organising pop-up exhibitions, simultaneously transforming unused or abandoned urban spaces into temporary exhibition venues. In 2016, they organised ppm | copy-art show, a group exhibition of works on paper set in an interactive format that invited visitors to choose artists’ works that they would like to photocopy and take home. For the second edition, which took place on March 30 2017, without appeal was invited to participate alongside 29 other contributors. All of the work included in the show is documented in a special zine compiled by Aici Acolo and given to each of the featured artists. 

We'd like to thank the organisers for inviting us to take part in this project. 

'without appeal' launch events - Berlin and London

without appeal launched its first two projects across two events in February and March, 2017. 

The first took place on February 25th at Echo Buecher in Berlin, organised and hosted by Occulto. It featured live performances by The Old Dream of Symmetry, Sferics and Asfast, as well as a DJ set from Italian underground legend Nana Bianca.

The second was held on March 14th, as part of Sonic Imperfections’ long running monthly concert series. Held at the Montague Arms in Peckham, South London, the evening played host to live sets from The Old Dream of Symmetry, fearless improviser Mark Browne and the duo of James Malone & Joe Wright (who also perform and release music under the moniker Onin). 

At both concerts, copies of WA001 Sferics/The Old Dream of Symmetry Split 7" acetate were available alongside copies of WA002 - Tracing Commons. WA002 is a publication associated with the spatial intervention undertaken by without appeal at the Art Guard premises in Earl's Court, London in November 2016. Featuring both co-founders as well as Romanian artist and Art Guard resident Raluca Branea, the catalogue both documents the three acts of the intervention as well as supplimenting it with additional texts and work from each of the participants. WA002 is printed as a colour newspaper in an edition of 50. For more information on either of these, please visit the Catalogue section of our website. 

We would like to thank Alice Cannava from Occulto, and Nigel Bryant and Ian Faragher from Sonic Imperfections for making these two events possible.

Also, if you're in Berlin, you can find copies of WA001 - Sferics/The Old Dream of Symmetry split at Echo Buecher in Wedding and Staalplaat in Neukölln.